Deadly Stories

Karen Klimm

Guguu Yalanji and Koko Lamalama woman Karen Klimm is back in business and finding things a little different. Replacing her chalk with paint and clay, twenty years ago, Karen, a primary school teacher, took a career break when her children were young. She started selling and exhibiting at Aboriginal Creations in Brisbane city.

“I’ve always been artistic and this was a time I was able to explore what my passion.”

As her children grew, Karen returned to teaching. But once again her creativity called. So she’s taking the leap to run her own business.

“I love being outdoors, capturing the beauty of nature through my camera lens,” shares Karen.

“Sitting behind a computer, creating invoices, or consolidating receipts for tax is the part of the business that isn’t so natural. A lot has changed since I was in business 20 years ago. Things were much simpler and mostly done on paper. Now, everything is processed online.”

Karen’s moved to the country from Meeanjin (Brisbane), so having a product like Deadly Digits, that she can access anywhere and easily is appealing.

“That means I spend less time sitting behind a computer, and more time outside, capturing moments like these gorgeous cockatoos I call grandad and grandson.” @karenklimmphotography